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Parochial Rates for 2024

Thu 13 Jun 2024

Final Demands for Parochial Rates 2024 have been issued.

Following a decision by the Douzaine of St Peter Port to be more vigorous with collection of Parochial Rates for 2024, 1,047 final demands have been issued with the additional £25 fine. We ask those who have not settled their invoices to date to do so within the next week, to avoid any further fines.  

Anyone making payment via bank transfer or cheque and does not include the £25 fine will be chased for the shortfall. 

There are a few credits received in the bank account however, due to the lack of any relevant reference, the office staff have been unable to identify who sent it, which property it relates to . It is important for payments made through the bank to include the invoice number and/or cadastre number.

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