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St Peter Port Drop-in to reflect on year so far

Mon 09 Aug 2021

A chance to reflect on the year so far and what the next few months hold will be the topic of conversation at the St Peter Port drop-in session on Saturday 14 August at 10am – 12 noon.

“We’ve seen a lot of action in the past few months, with presentations on the Town Regeneration Project, hedge and stream inspections, planning objectives, and many other parish focussed initiatives. 

“We want to offer parishioners the chance to ask questions about what we have been doing and what we will continue to do over the next few months,” said Drop-in coordinator and Douzenier Mary McDermott.

“Also last month we invited people to find out more about becoming a Douzenier and joining our proactive team when elections come around in November.  We were pleased with the interest received and would like to open the doors again to other interested parties.” she said

The session starts at 10am at the Constables’ Office on Lefebvre Street and runs until 12:00pm.  As always douzeniers will be on hand to discuss a variety of issues pertinent to the Parish.

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