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17th June Minutes

Thu 25 Jun 2020

Douzaine meeting Minutes

Douzaine Meeting – Wednesday 17th June 2020

held under the

Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) (Parochial Matters and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Guernsey) Regulations, 2020

Chaired by Senior Constables Dennis Le Moignan

Present: Mr D H Le Moignan (Constable DLM), Mrs J M Tasker (Constable JT), Mr B J Cash (BC), Mrs J C Robin (JR), Ms D M Sebire (DS), Ms M B McDermott (MMD), Mr M G G Garrett (MG), Mr A Gabriel (AG), Mrs Z C C Lihou (ZL), Mrs J B Gallienne (JG), Messrs M R Harris (MH), N E Forman (NF),

Joined remotely via Teams Mrs C E Goodlass (Dean CG), Mr D Falla (DF), Mrs R Henderson (RH), Messrs, S W Place (SP), B J N Nicholls (BN)

Unable to join Mr T A C Bush (TB)

The purpose of this meeting is to approve the 2020 Remede and agree to apply to the Royal Court for permission to levy the following amounts.

1. To decide whether, on the recommendation of the Church Property Management Board, they are of the opinion to levy the sum of £41,239.00 (Pounds) by means of Owner's Rate.

The question was asked if there had been any queries from the public regarding the Remede, there was only one.

Vote results: 17 for.

2. To decide whether they are in favour of voting the sum of £693,029.00 (Pounds) to be levied by means of Owner’s Rate for the current year.

There were several queries regarding the need to continue repairing the walls. It was decided they were essential because of health and safety issues. Monthly reports will again be initiated. There was a request for a breakdown of the electricity charges. The Constables Account was explained as was the “reserve fund” which is only sufficient for approximately 3 months without the Remede being approved. A breakdown of advocate, court, publication, and staff costs incurred so far and going forward was discussed.

Vote results; 15 for, 2 against

3. To approve that the said Owner’s Rate, together with that approved by the Parochial Church Property Management Board in the sum of £734,268.00 (Pounds) shall be levied by applying the relative factors to the TRP unit value of the Cadastre categories. (addition of Items 1. and 2.)

Vote Results: 15 for, 2 against

4. To decide whether they are in favour of voting the following amount to be levied upon property owners by means of Refuse Rate for the collection of household waste by levying a fixed charge per habitable unit for the current year £625,696.00 (Pounds).

There were several questions regarding the 6% increase this year. There was no increase last year because the States employees wage agreement was too late to include in our Remede, so it was included this year.

Vote results: 13 for, 4 against



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