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Meet the Candidates

Mon 08 Nov 2021

Parishioners attending the St Peter Port parish meeting on Wednesday 3 November, voted to hold a deferred election for the roles of douzenier and two positions on the Amherst and Vauvert infant and junior schools’ committee.

With six roles up for contention and seven people nominated the role of St Peter Port douzenier is being hotly contested.  There are also three candidates campaigning for a seat on the schools’ committee.

The candidates are now planning their election campaigns and part of this takes the form of a ‘Meet the Candidates’ drop-in at the Constables’ office on Saturday 13 November from 10am – 12noon.

Drop-in coordinator and douzenier Mary McDermott said’

‘It’s great to have a contested election.  It really shows how keen these individuals are to become an integral part of our community by volunteering their time and skills to supporting our Parish.

‘This is the perfect opportunity for the parishioners to meet the candidates and get to know a little more about them ahead of the elections.  These people if elected will take on the mantra of the public, so it is important to know if they share similar values.  I encourage as many as possible to drop-in and see them.’

There will also be existing douzeniers on site to discuss any other matters pertinent to the Parish.

Those standing for election are;

Douzenier (six vacancies)

                                                ANTHONY PAUL HOLLAND

                                                Proposed by Robert A Grant

                                               Seconded by Mark David Gorman

                                                SIMON JOHN DE LA MARE

                                                 Proposed by Julian Pentland

                                                Seconded by Margaret Alice Boucher

                                                DIANE ELIZABETH MITCHELL

                                                 Proposed by Sandra Ellis Hardill

                                                Seconded by Judith Elizabeth Marquis

                                                ZOE CARMEN CANDIDA LIHOU

                                                 Proposed by Chris Blin

                                                Seconded by Katrina Gontier

                                                EVITA BORMANE

                                                 Proposed by Chris Blin

                                                Seconded by Katrina Gontier

                                                CHARLOTTE LONG

                                                 Proposed by Chris Blin

                                                Seconded by Jennifer Mary Tasker

                                                THOMAS BENJAMIN MOORE

                                                 Proposed by John Alfred Bannerman Gollop

                                                Seconded by Keith Alan Robin


Amherst And Vauvert Infants & Junior Schools’ Committee (two vacancies)

                                               JENNIFER MARY TASKER

                                                Proposed by Michelle D Nash

                                                Seconded by May Way

                                                DIANE ELIZABETH MITCHELL

                                                 Proposed by Sandra Ellis Hardill

                                                Seconded by Judith Elizabeth Marquis

                                                CHRISTINE ELIZABETH GOODLASS

                                                Proposed by Jonathan Richard Sebire

                                                Seconded by Caroline Drake


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