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Join the St Peter Port Team by standing for Douzenier

Wed 07 Jul 2021

Do you want to be in our team? Is the question Douzeniers will be putting to parishioners at the next St Peter Port drop-in on Saturday 10 July at 10am.

November may seem a way away at the moment, but in no time, it will be here and elections for Douzeniers will be taking place once again.  With five positions up for contention, now is the time to find out if you can help your parish by joining the Douzaine.

Drop-in coordinator and Douzenier Mary McDermott said that the role of Douzenier was a varied and fulfilling one and she encouraged parishioners to find out more.

‘The Douzaine comprises a diverse group of people each with their own skillsets and talents.  By standing as a Douzenier you are adding to this.  We’re keen to chat to people who feel they have something to offer and give them a little insight into what is required.

‘There are a few misconceptions about being a Douzenier.   You don’t have to be locally born, you don’t have to follow a certain faith, you don’t have to work in finance, you don’t have to have English as a first language.  The key criteria required is that you live in the Parish, and you want to have a voice, after that what you bring to the table is down to you. 

‘I really would encourage people to find out what it’s all about.’ she said.

In addition to the role of Douzenier there will also be places becoming available on the Amherst and Vauvert Primary Schools and the Baubigny Schools committees.  To be on these boards you do not have to be on the Douzaine although traditionally those standing are often also standing for Douzenier.

The session starts at 10am at the Constables’ Office on Lefevbre Street and runs until 12:00pm.  As always douzeniers will be on hand to discuss a variety of issues pertinent to the Parish.


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