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Drop In September 4th 2023

Tue 22 Aug 2023

Douzeniers in parishes are always interested in what is happening in their particular area.  St Peter Port has been looking at the planning surrounding Les Ozouets campus and thought that it would be helpful for us to hold a drop in at La Coutanchez facility in order that parishioners could see the premises themselves, and learn more about what is being proposed including sports facilities.

With the proposed facility being not far from the Castel/St Peter Port parish border, Castel have also taken much interest in the proposals and I have been in discussion with Jo May from the Castel. It was thought that as this was going to be an island wide facility we would invite other Douzeniers and parishioners in all parishes to that drop in, to take advantage of an informal opportunity to visit the campus. 

This is about we, as Douzaines encouraging parishioners to have a look at what is being offered post 16, not just the sixth form but for all students including those currently in work or retired. Given that young people may change careers during their lifetime, a sustainable training facility will be essential and may be an attraction for families wishing to settle. This is for all people. 

We’re anticipating at least two led tours at 6pm and 6.30pm. We’re open from 5pm to 7pm. Drop in any time. Parking is in the car park. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.

Please contact either myself, Diane Mitchell or Evita Bormane (both St Peter Port Douzeniers) or Jo May (Castel Douzenier)  if you require further information.

September Drop In

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