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Obstruction on the public highways

Skips:  Permission to place skips on the public highway rests with Traffic & Highway Services (Tel - 234567). Should you notice that a skip does not have the mandatory safety lamps, please advise them accordingly.

Scaffolding:  The Health & Safety Executive (Tel - 234567) and Traffic & Highway Services (Tel - 243400) issue permits for scaffolding on the public highway. In an effort to reduce the number of scaffolds in the centre of Town, the erection of scaffolding is discouraged between 1st May and 15th September each year, if the reason for such scaffolding is for purely in order to complete decoration of any property. Obviously, where there are structural or safety implications, or if the application is for a long-term development, this is not possible, but every attempt is made to keep the Town clear of scaffolding during the summer months. Other factors we consider are:

  • the impact on traders.
  • the impact on traffic management and road closures (i.e. scaffolding might be a problem if erected on a diversion route).
  • the provision of safe pedestrian access either under or around any scaffolds.

Queries regarding the erection and dismantling of scaffolding should be referred to Traffic & Highway Services - Tel: 243400.

Comments or complaints regarding the safety of the structure itself should be referred to the Health & Safety Executive - Tel: 234567.

‘A - Boards’  The proliferation of such boards on the streets and footpaths has long been of concern to the Constables and Douzaine. ‘A – Boards’ can cause unnecessary obstruction and distress, particularly to visually impaired persons, and people using wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs. It is an offence to obstruct the road or footpath, and any complaints should be referred to the Police.

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